The area of application development…

…is one of our key competences. We deliver the optimal solution, maximally aligned with the already existing systems, based on diverse platforms – from most modern and widely used to lesser-known ones.

Our favourite challenges…

  • continuous innovation in the field of IT infrastructure;
  • constantly increasing requirements in customer management;
  • system problems of large suppliers;
  • preparing for the Big Data phenomenon;
  • system integration;
  • objective problem-solution approach;
  • finding quick and cost-efficient solutions.

It is worth working with us, because…

  • we offer customised developments founded on a professional basis;
  • we are familiar with the characteristics of enterprise architecture, its problems, and the limitations of possible solutions;
  • we use solution-oriented and efficient teamwork;
  • we are open to lesser-known or new technologies;
  • we take a complex view of tasks;
  • we apply agile project management;
  • we offer a stable level of service.

Development platforms that we handle

  • Java
  • Oracle
  • .NET
  • Other less popular platforms (eg: Mumps …)

Competences you can expect from us

  • application development of new, customised systems;
  • extension development, modernisation, and optimisation of existing systems;
  • migration tools (migration of legacy systems into new ones);
  • system integration, creation of special integration components;
  • data cleaning toolkit;
  • software management, version management.

Agile software development

We believe in its efficiency, since experience has shown that with its help:

  • quick and cost-efficient solutions are found, which fully satisfy business expectations;
  • ensures seamless cooperation and communication with the Client;
  • brings solutions to forefront that work in real life;
  • allows quick response to changes;
  • provides project transparency and put control in the Clients’ hands;
  • develops solutions adapted to the complete IT system of the Client;
  • by focusing on business values, the emphasis is fully on serving Clients’ needs.

What will Clients receive together with the applications we develop for them…

  • streamlined IT system;
  • transparency and integration between systems;
  • innovative, customised software solutions;
  • more efficient and leaner business processes;
  • flexible adaptation to constantly changing external conditions.

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