…as a business term and an IT system has a history going back several decades; initially, however, only very large multinational companies took the initiative to implement CRM. These projects mostly began as developments that encompassed the entire operation of the company and lasted for years; a large percentage of them, however, did not in the end produce the expected results. In recent years, however, the integration and modularity of CRM solutions has made it possible to introduce CRM functions gradually.


As long as a company serves customers, customer management and customer value will continue to exist. These, however, cannot yet be called CRM. The right implementation and operation of CRM begins when due to conscious management the quality of customer service improves dramatically, together with a verifiable increase in profit.



Our favourite challenges…

  • acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones;
  • estimating the actual size of the customer base;
  • increasing up-selling and cross-selling;
  • reducing customer migration and attrition;
  • application of international “best practices” in Hungary;
  • gaining a competitive edge on the market;
  • 360° view of customers.

It is worth working with us because…

  • customer master database creation with multiplication handling;
  • customer data management:
    • single customer view: gather relevant information (personal details, customer links, product use matrix, indexes: customer value, reliability, probability of customer migration) presented on a single screen
    • extraction and presentation of relevant customer data from source systems
    • calculation of real number of customers with multiplication handling
    • classification of customers: forming customer segments, providing data for the calculation of customer value
  • front-end system for bank account management;
  • customer portal development – customer self-service support;
  • custom application development for customer service staff: integrating the CRM functions into business processes;
  • implementation of in-house developed campaign management tool;
  • open source CRM system implementation;
  • information flow between systems.

The technologies we use

  • Java – unified customer view, display of customer information;
  • Oracle – collection of customer data, master customer database;
  • BPM – integration of business processes and CRM functions;
  • Vtiger – open source CRM;
  • Data cleaning toolkit;
  • Search engine for finding customer duplicates;
  • Campaign Management System.

What will Clients receive together with a well-functioning CRM system…

  • return on investment in CRM within a relatively short time (3-6 months);
  • less administration and lower costs due to organised and clear customer data;
  • professional customer management;
  • efficient campaign management.

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