… is becoming increasingly widespread in the current economic environment. More and more companies rely on external service providers to manage their IT resources in order to reduce costs, focus on their resources and business processes. suIT Solutions provides various forms of assistance to our corporate Clients in the interest of more efficient operation.

Our favourite challenges…

  • expectations of ongoing cost reduction;
  • maintaining the quality indexes of IT systems while reducing costs;
  • the need for complex, up-to-date knowledge of the sector;
  • harmonising initiatives aimed at savings and investment;
  • gaining a competitive edge despite the crisis.

It is worth working with us because…

  • we can offer the IT outsourcing service either on a partial or a project basis;
  • we distribute tasks efficiently within the project;
  • we develop and operate more transparent IT processes and outsourcing systems;
  • we offer our sector-specific knowledge with confidentiality commitment;
  • we balance and bridge the inequalities present in the distribution of human IT resources;
  • we use the competences already present within the company for IT outsourcing projects;
  • we supply and complement missing competences;
  • thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of business technologies, we can offer efficient teamwork that produces results in unfamiliar areas, as well;
  • we provide guidance to the wide range of IT solutions available on the market;
  • using our own development support-, error- and version tracking tools, we adapt maximally to the management and IT tools of our Client;
  • we guarantee seamless integration with the company’s existing systems;
  • we provide operational support for infrastructure (management of development- and test environments);
  • we implement and use virtualisation solutions;
  • we can undertake the operation of teamwork applications (as a special option or in connection with the project);
  • we provide error and problem management (as part of the project or in the form of technical support);
  • we can provide change- and configuration management (in connection with HW, SW development).

A key to successful outsourcing: supersafe data center…

…which is why we installed our servers in the data centre of Dataplex, which represents the highest technological level currently available, ensuring professional IT outsourcing to our Clients:

  • Multi-tiered physical security;
  • 99.999% availability;
  • A+B redundant power supply;
  • N+1 configuration;
  • VESDA fire detection, Inergen fire suppression.

What will our Clients receive together with efficient outsourcing service…

  • efficient IT processes and real competitive edge;
  • risks associated with the outsourced service do not increase with the decrease of the related expenditure;
  • resources, available to our Clients, can be used for the development of their principal activity and for innovation, through which the company can gain a strategic advantage;
  • in addition to cost reduction, successful outsourcing also generates actual business value.

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