Portal solutions…

…are gaining an increasingly prominent role due to the rapid development of internet technologies. They offer a convenient, efficient, and safe communication channel between the company and its customers. This technology opens new dimensions in the communication with consumers: special target groups can be reached, and richer, more efficient, interactive, and last but not least cost-effective solutions can be developed.

suIT Solutions delivers portal solutions seamlessly integrated with the enterprise system and fully cover Clients’ needs. We have considerable experience in corporate portal technologies, offering a full range of services from planning to the post launch support.

The challenges of customer portals…

  • secure management of confidential customer data;
  • 24/7 availability;
  • rapid display of a large amount of complex data;
  • complex integration: unification and merge of information sets arriving from several systems.

It is worth working with us because…

  • we collect clients’ requirements, and develop the solutions together;
  • we design and implement the architecture required for the realisation of portal functions;
  • we coordinate related developments through efficient project management;
  • we create test scenarios and perform integration testing;
  • offer post launch support;
  • provide integration with multiple systems (ESB implementation).

What will Clients receive together with the portal solution…

  • meeting the informational needs of customers online 24/7, as well as increasing customer satisfaction;
  • internal mailbox, e-document library service, online contact with customers;
  • online management of customer orders, reduction of the administrational workload and decrease in the number of errors resulting from manual data processing;
  • efficient sales support;
  • creation of an interactive and efficient marketing surface (multichannel application, professional segmentation, possibility of customised messages, detailed analysis solutions, etc.).

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