Service Oriented Architecture

…planning, implementation, and operational support is one of suIT Solutions’ success stories. The term itself is not a recent one in the IT world, however many corporations have not yet attempted to make this transition, which brings many advantages. A reason for this is that the introduction of SOA within an enterprise requires radical changes in the interaction between business and IT, and its methodology must be applied consistently during further developments, as well. During the current, unpredictable economic situation, business flexibility is the only means through which a company can gain a competitive edge, and this is inconceivable without a flexible IT organisation. Companies place emphasis on projects that can both reduce costs and increase revenue. A key advantage of SOA is that once introduced, it provides a common platform for all business processes. Therefore, companies can create service portfolio consisting of business components with remarkable speed, which can be later on reused or restructured efficiently and at a low price.

Our favourite challenges…

  • satisfying the constantly changing business requirements;
  • ensuring the flexibility, speed, and cost-efficiency that is expected from IT;
  • eliminating the discrepancies resulting from the outputs of numerous suppliers;
  • managing several systems and platforms;
  • bridging the gap between the business and IT.

It is worth working with us…

…because we can undertake the full or partial implementation and operation of the SOA architecture according to the following steps:

  • Health check
  • SOA planning, design, governance
  • Service improvement
  • Transformation of business processes according to the philosophy of SOA
  • System operation

By developing the SOA services we provide the opportunity to reutilise business functions; by implementing this architecture we consolidate IT applications and create a unified development methodology. Through SOA, we provide our Clients with a comprehensive IT governance, which manages business processes and the company’s entire IT system as a unit, and cooperates more closely with the business itself.

The technology we use…

  • UML
  • XML
  • Webservices
  • JMS
  • Test automation (Junit, SoapUI)
  • ESB (Mule, OSB, …)
  • Service Repository, Registry (OER, Mule, …)

What will Clients receive together with the implementation of SOA…

  • more efficient cooperation between the business and IT;
  • flexible, transparent, measurable, and traceable company and business processes;
  • shorter time to market for products and services;
  • an architecture developed according to business priorities;
  • reduced development, operational, and administrative costs;
  • more plannable operation and an opportunity to decrease external and internal resources dramatically.

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