The Team

…consists of more than 50 people, with the combined experience of its experts in the development of enterprise IT solutions (insurance companies, banking, public administration) amounts to over 300 „man-years”. Our colleagues are open to learning new technologies. They have acquired extensive experience in developing across diverse platforms – Oracle, MsSQL, Java, .NET – and also less commonly used ones as GT.M or Mumps. Continuous development and becoming acquainted with new technologies are fundamental requirements for our dedicated software engineers; therefore the above list keeps expanding.

In addition to their sector-specific knowledge base, the strength of our development team lies in their identifying a methodology that can be applied successfully for everyday tasks and in their continuous training.

We believe in a pragmatic approach; accordingly, we provide customised and innovative IT solutions that really work!

„It is not a question of how well each process works, the question is how well they all work together.”

Lloyd Dobens

The method most frequently used by our software development team for scheduling tasks in their everyday work is that of agile software development. As a result, we are able to assist the business success of our Clients with dynamic technological solutions. With the help of agile methodology, we are able to react quickly to changes, and develop IT solutions that are actually business-driven.

Our sector-specific IT knowledge base…

…is one of our greatest assets. Thanks to the experience gained through our multinational Clients in the field of banking and insurance, we can quickly find an efficient solution to the given problem. We believe that by combining our sector-specific knowledge base with the dedication of our software developers we can offer long-term values to our Clients.

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